Dear Staff of DV,
Just a note to Thank you for a wonderful Carnival week. The activities were well though out and very enjoyable. A great BIG THANK YOU for your time and attention in making the week memorable.

Mary J Butler, 511

August 31, 2022
Dear Community, fellow Residents and Staff,
With sadness I must tell you that I am leaving Dominican Village.
This is very difficult for me because I love all of you and the life here is wonderful.
I cannot leave the future responsibility of dismantling an apartment to my sister who is also old. and also, I must downsize. Everything is too complicated and I am on in years.
You have made me very happy and I thank you and bless you.
Theresa Attard

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We successfully moved my mom into her new place. She's back in New York . : We are so happy to have her here! Thanks to everyone who helped make her transition seamless.
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Linda Farina-Lunz ,