The Front Desk is pivotal in referring you to maintenance, for prompt service even if it is not an emergency.
Maintenance is incomparable. They can do anything and do it well and promptly. I love them.
I also love the waitstaff.
“Sheri” runs the dining room and staff beautifully. I love them too.

Phyllis M,

I was shocked to see how nice everyone is. You can ask anyone anything and they will try to help you.
There’s always something you can do to take your mind off your troubles. I also appreciate how welcoming they are when our families and friends come to see us.

Julia K,

I am grateful for all the people working here.
I am pleased with the many people living at Dominican Village.
Thank you all.

Jo L,

Staff, residents, and administration are caring and compassionate. After my husband’s death, I was treated kindly by everyone who knew him. To this day, four years later, staff members recall his humor and laughter. No price tag on that!
I’m happy to be here!

Mary Meehan,