I came here 5 and a half years ago. I visited three times before I selected an apartment.  I consider myself very lucky to have my apartment that I’m very happy with.  I picked Dominican Village because of the beauty of the grounds and the friendliness of the people, plenty of security and activities.

William Z,

Living in Dominican Village is like living with many brothers and sisters. It really feels like home. We have a beautiful yard with trees and flowers where we have our picnics. We have our own apartments and many activities. There never is a dull moment.  Residents feel secure and loved. Our families visit often and leave relieved and thankful we are happy.  I can go on and on but I’m on my way to see a movie.

Anne G,

It’s the best place you can come to. I can only tell you I feel wonderful here. I am safe and happy. People here are wonderful. If I could talk someone into coming here it would make me happier.

Helen P,

The Front Desk is pivotal in referring you to maintenance, for prompt service even if it is not an emergency.
Maintenance is incomparable. They can do anything and do it well and promptly. I love them.
I also love the waitstaff.
“Sheri” runs the dining room and staff beautifully. I love them too.

Phyllis M,