When I sold my home and moved to Dominican Village three years ago I was uncertain if that was the best decision for me.

After settling in, I strolled the well-maintained grounds, discovered the fish pond & gazebos. The colorful seasonal planting reminded me of my own garden.

I found the atmosphere in the seating in the links comfortable and soothing and the Amity Center welcoming.

Although the physical surroundings were quite an attraction, the staff was most influential and deciding factor for me. They were so sincerely accepting & understanding of new residents. Within days I was greeted by name.

The peaceful and attractive surroundings and accommodating staff made a difficult situation less stressful and eased assimilation into the new community.

Norma Cummings,

Clean, safe, secure, friendly, come and enjoy your senior years.

Alice DeFoe,

Since moving to Dominican Village I feel like I'm on a permanent vacation:

  • The Friends
  • The Food
  • The Activities

Are all top notch and I am delighted to be here.

Betty Scott, Resident

I was very blessed that your Activity Director invited me to the Volunteer Luncheon. What a fabulous event you all put on! The food was plentiful and excellent, the room was beautifully decorated, and hearing the warm and encouraging speeches from you and Lee Ann, as well as watching Stacey receive that special distinction was truly inspiring for all. As a volunteer, I felt very much appreciated and recognized, and speaking with the other volunteers attending, I can say confidently they felt the same.
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Deb Cavacchioli,