Dominican Village Dining Room
In the Dining Room (pictured to the left) residents are greeted by the delicious aroma of a homemade meal, a warm and inviting atmosphere, and the fine
company of friends. There are always several entrées to select from and the full-service wait staff ensures that all needs are met.

The following menu samples provide an idea of the typical weekly offerings at Dominican Village.


Please click the picture below to see our Telecare episode of "Real Food" with Msgr. Jim Vaughn.

real food



Two main entrée choices are available daily, along with any sides offered that day. Egg whites and EggBeaters (cholesterol free eggs) are available.

    • Entrees

    • Assorted Hot or Cold Cereals

    • Banana Pancakes

    • Blueberry Pancakes

    • Eggo Waffles

    • French Toast

    • Pancakes

    • Plain or Cheese Omelette

    • Poached Eggs

    • Scrambled Eggs

    • Variety of Fried Eggs

    • Beverages

    • Assorted Juices

    • Coffee or Tea ~ Regular and Decaf

    • Milk – Regular, Skim, 2%, or Lactaid

    • Sides

    • Assorted Breads: white, wheat, rye, or cinnamon raisin

    • Assorted Danish

    • Assorted Fresh Baked Muffins

    • Bacon

    • Corned Beef Hash

    • Croissants

    • English Muffins

    • Fresh Fruit

    • Sausage




Not to be missed! Brunch can be enjoyed with residents, friends, and family.

11:30am until 1:30pm

• Fried Eggs
• Scrambled Eggs
• Omelets
• Bacon
• Sausage
• Fresh Fruit Watermelon Bowl
• Homemade Belgian Waffles
• French Toast
• Pancakes

• Assorted Breads, Rolls and Bagels
• Assorted Muffins, Crumb Cake and Danish
• Variety of creative salads expertly prepared by in-house Chefs
• Carving Board: Ham, Beef, Turkey, Roast Lamb, etc.
• Dominican Village’s special Home Fried Potatoes
• Assorted Hot or Cold Cereals
• Assorted Juices
• Milk ~ Regular, Skim, 2%, or Lactaid
• Regular or Decaf Coffee or Tea

Download a SAMPLE menu here:
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