I am a five-year resident of Dominican Village. From the first day I arrived I felt welcome and comfortable. My apartment is spacious, clean, cheerful and homey. I have my privacy when I want, yet I take comfort in knowing that the staff is close by if I need assistance. My days are always exciting and filled with things to do.

So many amenities and services are provided by the dedicated staff. Some of my favorite activities are the fine dining, special outside trips, in house entertainment and the wonderful Pastoral Care on site and socializing with my friends. All the activities and special events are easily available and accessible to me. Dominican Village is a community that feels like a family. I have made many friends and acquaintances. The staff knows me by name and is always ready to help. I feel safe, secure and always treated with dignity and respect. When I am away on vacation, I look forward to coming home to my second family. Thank you, Dominican Village, and God Bless.

Stella B,